Huron Memorial Stadium


In 1972 Huron High School made a bold move by having students step out of Study Hall and help carry bleachers from McCormick Middle School to the vacant lot just south of the High School

The students and faculty did a steller job at getting Memorial Stadium set up for the upcoming football season.

Huron Booster Club along with the Community continued to work to make Huron Memorial Stadium one of the finest in all of Ohio...

As the turn of the century, the Tigers and community continued to add to making Memorial Stadium a better home for the student / athletes.

New bleachers on both home and visiting sides, new consession stand and a newly constructed track added on to the beauty that we experience at Huron Memorial Stadium.

But in 2008, Kalahari Waterpark would become a vital member of the Huron community. Huron Memorial Stadium would take out the natural grass field and replace it with ProGrass Turf.

As it stands in 2008.. The Finest Division IV Stadium in Ohio!

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