Based on the Academy Award film "Hoosiers" , a small "make believe" town in Indiana (Hickory) hires a new basketball coach Norman Dale (Gene Hackman). Coach Dale unwelcomed to his new town, a town that star basketball player Jimmy Chitwood (Maris Valainis) did not go out for the team. As the story unwinds the town is in an uproar over Coach Dale's style and is set to fire him. Thats when Jimmy Chitwood decides to play again only if Coach Dale stays. The Hickory Huskers go on to win the Indiana 1952 State Championship.

The movie "HOOSIERS" was filmed in various locations around the Indianapolis area. One of the area's is Knightstown. Knightstown is home of the "Hoosier's Gym", built in 1921 and today still represents the Hickory Husks as a community center. On Sunday May 26th, 2013 I took a visit to the historic gym.







Planning a Visit? From Huron, Ohio to "The Hoosier Gym" was just over 260 miles one way. About a four and a half hour drive (doing the speed limit) with two quick pit stops. The City of Knightstown, Indiana is much like the size of Huron. The gym is located in a neighborhood. Knightstown is about 30 miles outside of Indianapolis. The day I went the floor was being resurfaced for the big All-Star game held in June every year. Therefore you couldn't go out on the floor. What I did, and I advise anyone who'd love to see this historic site was called (1-800-668-1895) to make sure it would be open the day I was going to go. Once there, a friendly face will greet you and take you throughout the gym including the below ground locker room. Shirts, hats, dvd's, and more are available for solveneers.


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