Hello Sports fans and welcome to another year of Huron Tiger Football. 2017 season marks my 25th season of "sideline football video coverage" and my 28th season of Huron Tiger Video. As you can tell, I been at it a long long time. As far as the football tale goes, I'm back when I said I wasn't going to be back (LOL). God love Coach Hohler, he drug my tired old bones back to the program before I even missed a game. However, it came with my own stipulation. No Traveling, No Games in the Rain! That means in 2016 I missed my first regular season Tiger game in 24 years!! Yea, Ok I get it, some people wasn't happy their "senior" didn't get me for every game like other seniors in the past, However, something is better than nothing!! I mean lets face it. Some Day I will move on - or beforced (old age perhaps health) to move on. Its going to happen! Enough of the sour grapes.

2017 season is coming rapid fire fashion! We have League changes, We have opponent changes. Everything else stays the same.. Just like you want it..

On with something else, I DO NOT SELL VIDEOS! Oh NO-YOU WANT IT-YOU DOWNLOAD IT! This is 2017 folks, We have the ability to post videos online. We have the ability to allow you to take it! and its Free of Charge!

Lets make Good Memories for these kids.. They deserve it !!